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Welcome to MK Melting Pot

A community organisation that seeks to engage youth to develop their potential and integrate the area of Milton Keynes through campaigns and events.

Our mission is to reduce hunger amongst young people and families, empower people to overcome hardship.

About Us

MK Melting Pot’s mission is to empower people from diverse cultures with skills that foster social and cultural integration whilst enabling them to overcome economic and financial hardships.


Need Support?


If you are in need of food donations, financial advice, or essential employability skills training, get in touch with us



Make a charity donation to MK Melting Pot.

Whether it's a single donation, fundraising pay-in, or groceries/equipment donation.



Volunteer with MK Melting Pot to make a difference. There's a lot you can get involved with: cooking, admin, event & more!

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors and supporters.


Get in Touch

10 Winchester Circle, Kingston, Milton Keynes MK10 0BA

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